Haunted Junction (1997)

I was in full wax nostalgic mode the other day about my youth watching 90s and early 2000s Saturday morning cartoons. We have so much choice on what to watch nowadays that I often find myself overwhelmed and going back to simple, short run anime and cartoons from my youth. That’s why today I’m going to tell you about Haunted Junction.

Haunted Junction is the story of the members of the Holy Student Council, a group of students tasked with keeping spiritual harmony at their school. These three students are Haruto, Kazumi, and Mitsuki, and they keep spiritual balance at their school by going after errant ghosts causing trouble at the school. They accomplish this by either peacefully helping them move on, or taking more proactive measures to stop their foolish rabble rousing.

One of the things I do (and don’t) love about this show is that it’s only 12 episodes long. It feels like it’s over so quickly, but this series manages to pack a lot of fun and heart into its short run. Watching this group of kids have their misadventures and all the meanwhile strengthen their bonds of friendship is a pure joy to watch.

Haruto is the unwilling president of the Holy Student Council, and thus is able to summon all 7 school spirits at any time he chooses to do so. And you thought you had school spirit(s)!


Kazumi and Mitsuki are the son and daughter of buddhists and shintoists respectively. They were brought up trained in their respective religion’s ghost banishing practices.

Together, all three of their houses form a triangle which makes their school Saito High an usually strong nexus of paranormal activity.

The overall anime follows a monster of the week format that proved so popular in the 90s. I happen to love this format, as it allows me to just dive into that particular episode’s story without worrying about 900+ episodes of backstory. One of the funniest parts oft his anime is the summoning sequence, in which Haruto says “Welcooooome” (in strongly accented Engrish) and every episode except the sixth, which ends in a splendid “OH MY GOD!”

If you want to get a feeling of that 90s cartoon nostalgia, like paranormal school anime or just have a few hours to burn, check this show out.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTBAoiGLmFI” title=”Haunted Junction opening”]