Saaho (2019)

We went to see Saaho on a whim as I saw it listed on the currently playing movies when a friend invited me to see Luce a couple of days ago. The movie had showings in Telugu and Hindi. We saw it in Telugu. I’m glad I went to see it because this has become one of my new favorite Indian movies. Prabhas is incredibly charismatic in his role, and the chemistry he shares with Shraddha Kapoor is fantastic.

Prabhas plays Ashok, a vigilante supercop brought in to solve a string of robberies. Along the way he gets involved with the biggest criminal organization in the world, the Roy group. The movie follows Prabhas’ character as he gets involved in an ever escalating faceoff between multiple factions of the Roy group. There are multiple people vying for the leadership of Roy group, and you can never be sure who is working for who.

The action scenes in this movie are fantastic. There are amazing gun fights and exhilarating chase scenes. A lot of the movie to the relationship between Ashok and Amrita, Shraddha Kapoor’s character. Some of the songs (because it can’t be a commercial Indian movie without some songs thrown in) felt a bit out of place.

Ultimately, this is a mainstream movie that isn’t going to be an indie arthouse darling. Go see this movie if you like romance, comedy and action. Go see if you’re a fan of supercop/spy movies, Fast and the Furious, and similar action franchises.