Crobot – Motherbrain

Motherbrain is the fourth studio album of rock/metal band Crobot. This is a solid cruisin album; the kind of music you can crank in the car when you just wanna rock out. Check this album out if you like bands like Clutch, Red Fang, Sasquatch, and Corrosion of Conformity.

The first track, Burn, starts with lead singer’s powerful vocals “Blood full of chaos, mouth full of mud, Bullets gaining rust that I left in my gut”. Right away you can tell that the lyrical content of this album is much more grounded than their previous albums. Whereas other albums had some fantasy elements, this album feels like it deals more directly with real emotions from real life.

[youtube url=”″ title=”Burn by Crobot”]

The second track, Keep Me Down, is an anthem for those who feel like they have been pushed to the edge. The chorus is simple but very empowering!

Dig a little deeper
Push a little harder
Yeah, you can’t keep me down
Oh, kick a little longer
Hit a little harder
Yeah, you can’t keep me down

[youtube url=”” title=”Keep Me Down by Crobot”]

The droning of the guitar riff of the next song, Drown, is a dark groove that will stick with you.

[youtube url=”” title=”Drown by Crobot”]

There are other songs in the album, but those plus this last one, Low Life, should give you a good idea of the content of the rest of the album.

[youtube url=”″ title=”Low Life by Crobot”]



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